Friday, November 6, 2009

Let Granola Pony trot into your mouth

Granola Pony is a new raw food and dessert catering / takeout business out of St. Henri that creates culinary concoctions that are as visually stunning as they are mouth watering. Janis Dean, the company's sole proprietor, is a welcome addition to Montreal who's undoubtedly going to leave a mark on this city thanks to her unbelievable creations.

If you attended RAGE5's exhibition opening at The Emporium Gallery, you likely marveled at the deserts she provided and, if you sampled them at the exhibition, you were probably as blown away as we were. Dean's desserts are incredible.

We can't encourage you enough to support Granola Pony- your mouth will thank you! To learn more about Granola Pony, visit its website here. Thanks, Ben Pobjoy

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RAGE5's PURGATORY (or some place like it) exhibition opens at The Emporium Gallery 05.11.09

RAGE5's PURGATORY (or some place like it) exhibition opens at The Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest) on Thursday, November 5th from 7PM-11PM. The exhibition will also be open Saturday, November 7th - Sunday, November 8th. Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, November 9th to Wednesday, November 11th.

About PURGATORY (or some place like it)
Appropriating religious iconography in order to develop an aesthetic that takes cues its from the uncanny and the metaphysical, PURGATORY (or some place like it) is an exhibition that exemplifies the state of limbo and unease that RAGE5, a Montreal-based street artist, feels as he increasingly operates within a gallery environment. Bold and immersive, About PURGATORY (or some place like it) is as much a stunning visual statement as it is an insight into a state of mind. .

Artist Statement
"Having made a name for myself as a graffiti artist, I now find myself experiencing a rite of passage as I attempt my way into the gallery scene. While keeping a foot firmly set in the urban landscape with my street art, I am now experiencing a state of limbo which PURGATORY (or someplace like it) refers to. The religious imagery and symbols adopted in this new work metaphorically portray my inhibitions, fears, hopes and desires as I now transition from a seemingly unregulated world to an organized system. This new series of work illustrates my limited yet growing understanding of the constructs that make up the art milieu vs. my anarchic approach to street art." - RAGE5

About RAGE5
RAGE5 is a Montreal-based multi-discinplinary artist. Having studied visual arts at Dawson College and film at Concordia University, RAGE5 is an avid graffiti writer, painter, illustrator, photographer and filmmaker- which explains why his creative outputs can be found in the streets, galleries and cinemas. His iconic posters and stickers can be found throughout the urban landscapes of Montreal, Baja Mexico and Tokyo. He has previously participated in numerous group exhibitions (such as En Masse) and art festivals (having participated in Under Pressure on four different occasions) and, his new film is set to be released very shortly. RAGE5 is undeniably prolific, expressive and a genuine contributor to Montreal's arts scene

This exhibition is presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS and Bierbrier. It's our last exhibition of the season so come on out! Thanks, Ben Pobjoy

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New Dave Arnold portfolio website

Dave Arnold, one of the co-founders of The Emporium Gallery, has launched a new portfolio website. Switzerland handled the design, development and communications for the site. Check it out here. Thanks, Ben Pobjoy

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Switzerland does some post-production work on Polite Company's 'Inveigh' video for The Bronx

We recently had the opportunity to 'grade' Polite Company's 'Inveigh' video for The Bronx. We're huge fans of the band so it was a real privilege to contribute to this project. You can see the video below;

THE BRONX - INVEIGH from Jamie-James Medina on Vimeo.

If you don't know The Bronx, do yourself a favor and check them out here.You'll thank us, Ben Pobjoy

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seripop launches a new website along with 6 great contests!

Seripop has launched a new website and, to celebrate this, is running 6 fantastic contests (chock full of amazing prints for you to win). I'm the guest judge responsible for choosing a winner for the 'Artsy Fartsy prize pack' which Seripop says, "Is probably the most valuable in $ amounts". To learn more about the contest click here.

I'd urge you to participate! The photo above is of Seripop's No Henge exhibition that ran at The Emporium Gallery (provided courtesy of Yannick Grandmont). Good luck, Ben Pobjoy

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Hatchmatik exhibition opens Thursday, October 8th at The Emporium Gallery

Hatchmatik's The Apprenticeship of Bobby Swinzilla opens at the Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74) on Thursday, October 8th from 7PM-11PM. The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th from 12PM-5PM. Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, October 12th to Wednesday, October 14th.

About The Apprenticeship of Bobby Swinzilla
Montreal producer/DJ and visual artist, Hatchmatik makes his long awaited return to the art world with The Apprenticeship of Bobby Swinzilla- a sensory overloading multi-media 'mix tape' installation that takes its cues from his experiences as a renowned, world traveling producer/DJ.

Artist Statement
"Since finishing my BFA, I have been producing music and performing around the world as Hatchmatik. Building on these experiences and taking from the work I was doing as a student (dance video and printmaking), this new exhibition is an amalgamation of my previous visual arts practices, the experiences I've had in the club world and my latest venture collaborating with Jonah Leslie on dance video work- furthering the skavonost esthetics of the OLDgOLD empire.

The exhibition is an immersive environment installation which includes elements of music production, video projection, video sculpture and mild insanity"

Artist Biography
Despite being more widely known for his production and DJ work (he's a member of the Peer Pressure party crew and recently made URB's much lauded 2009 Next 100 list), Montreal-born Hatchmatik (Matt Morein) is in fact an award winning visual artist who has numerously exhibited across Canada. Graduating with a BFA from Concordia in 2004, Hatchmatik has long combined his love of both dance and music with video and printmaking.

A producer, DJ, visual artist and gallery assistant, Hatchmatik is an integral part of, and contributor to, Montreal's unique cultural fabric. You can see Hatchmatik's website here.

This exhibition is presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS, Bierbrier and Art Pop. Hope to see you there, Ben Pobjoy

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dennis Chow's Sinisterly yours, GlamNation opens Thurs., Sept. 24th at The Emporium Gallery

Dennis Chow's Sinisterly yours, GlamNation opens at the Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74) on Thursday, September 24th from 7PM-11PM. The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, September 26th and Sunday September 27th from 12PM-5PM.Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, September 28th to Wednesday, September 30th.

About Sinisterly yours, GlamNation

Brooklyn-based illustrator Dennis Chow makes his return to The Emporium Gallery with 'Sinisterly yours, GlamNation'- a new exhibition of illustrative works on 'cels' that depict an alternate world of fantasy and rebellion ruled by colourful cartoon villains and loveable anti-heros. 

Artist Statement

"Sinisterly yours, GlamNation was inspired by my lifetime adoration for cartoons and the magic they posses. The work in this exhibition is my hommage to two simple pleasures from my youth- Saturday morning cartoons and animated intermissions at matinee 'double features'. The exhibition is also a personal look at how I have become everything that has ever inspired me. All the characters and stories that I have ever imagined have taken over and, they have forced me to release them into this waiting world. The outcome is an exhibition that is an alternate utopia where heroes don't exist and bad guys forever rule."
- Dennis Chow

About Dennis Chow

Dennis Chow, who works under the GlamNation moniker, has exhibited the world over and been commissioned to illustrate for brands like Nike, Vice, Mishka NYC (and many other street wear companies), bands like The Handsome Furs and Death from Above 1979 (he created the album cover for their final remix album) and publications like the Walrus. He has previously been profiled in Lodown Magazine and Beautiful Decay. You can see Dennis Chow's work here.

This exhibition is presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS and Bierbrier. For more information click on the flier above. Thanks, Ben Pobjoy

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